About P.R.O

The Paul Read Orchestra or P.R.O. (started in the spring of 2006).  Here’s the regular lineup of the orchestra:

REEDS: Andy Ballantyne, Tara Davidson, Alex Dean, Quinsin Nachoff, Bob Leonard
TRUMPETS: Jason Logue (lead), Chase Sanborn, Lina Allemano, Jim Lewis
TROMBONES: Terry Promane, William Carn, Andrew Jones, Larry Shields
GUITAR: Geoff Young
PIANO: David Braid
BASS: Andrew Downing
DRUMS: Kevin Dempsey
VOICE: Trish Colter

As anyone knows who has lead a band before, you can’t exist without top flight musicians willing to sub on gigs and rehearsals. (Please scroll down). The following great players have contributed from time to time and helped the band grow. Some will be visible on the photo gallery pages. THANK YOU TO THESE MUSICIANS, particularly Brian O’Kane and Colin Murray who have made many appearances replacing Chase Sanborn and Larry Shields.

  • John Maharaj (bass)
  • Brian O’Kane (trumpet)
  • Perry White (baritone and bs clarinet)
  • Colin Murray (bass trombone)
  • Dave Neill (saxophone)
  • Ted Warren (drums)
  • David Restivo 9piano)
  • Mark Promane (saxophone)
  • Arjuna Satchithananthan (trombone)
  • Alistair Kay (trombone)
  • Chris Donnelly (piano)
  • D’Arcy Myronuck (piano)
  • Colleen Allen (saxophone)
  • Matt McLean (trumpet)
  • Dan Blondon (trumpet
  • Trent Reschney (saxophone)
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