Andrew Downing

Andrew Downing

Andrew Downing is an instrumentalist working in the jazz, folk, classical and creative improvising scenes in Toronto.

As a double bassist, Andrew has worked with many luminaries of the Canadian music scene including jazz guitarist David Occhipinti, classical cabaret singer Patricia O’Callaghan, bluegrass banjo player Chris Coole, klezmer group The Flying Bulgars, arabic band Maza Meze, singer songwriter John Southworth and improvising choir The Element Choir. He practices the unusual craft of tuning his double bass in fifths, an octave lower than a cello. His teachers were Don Thompson, Dave Young and Joel Quarrington.

Andrew’s cello playing started in 2007 while doing his Masters Degree at the University of Toronto. He has played cello with Indian fusion band Autorickshaw, jazz saxophonist Tara Davidson, singer songwriter Sienna Dahlen and his own group Arts and Letters. His teachers were Shauna Rolston and John Marshman.

Andrew has written lots of compositions and arrangements for his own groups as well as others around Toronto and Canada. He studied composition with Sasha Rapoport at The University of Toronto.

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