The recent newsletter I sent out indicated that Trish Colter (v), Chase Sanborn (trpt), Pat Collins (bass) and I (piano) performed at the Home Smith Bar (Old Mill) in Toronto on October 4. For some reason I forgot to post it to this Blog. Website activity should be a regular activity, but I haven’t got that through my thick skull yet.

Anyway….It was a fun night. So there you go.

I have agreed to write an accessible (easy-reader, as my late friend Frank Mantooth used to call it) jazz band arrangement for the Coalition for Music Education in Canada. This will be the fourth year I have have been invited to participate in this and there are many reasons for doing so. First and foremost of course I want to support the Coalition’s efforts. I have been a part of music education in one capacity or another for 42 years and have seen first hand the joy that music brings into the lives of young people.

But a reason nearly as compelling for me is that this presents a significant challenge from an arranging point of view. Writing an easy-reader is a daunting task. It’s okay to make it easy. And it isn’t a problem throwing in interesting stuff. But to make the two happen at the same time is challenging indeed.