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Recently, I was very happy to come across this excellent performance of my composition, “Birdsong” by the TN 2013 All-State Women’s Choir. Originally written for treble voices (children’s choir) and piano, this composition was a 1993 commission by Bill and Eva Bettger, directors of the Colborne Street United Church in London, Ontario CANADA. It is […]


1975 York Mills Collegiate, North York, ON student band

Today, I viewed a 1975 video of the jazz band at York Mills Collegiate Institute where I taught from 1973-1979. I was 27 at the time of the performance on the video. They were playing Chick Corea’s “La Fiesta” arranged by trumpeter, Tony Klatka which was featured on Woody Herman’s “Giant Steps” album (yes it was […]


Selected as a TAF 2015 finalist

Last night (May 6, 2015) I attended a wonderful party put on by the TAF (Toronto Arts Foundation). I am proud to say that I am one of three finalists for this year’s Muriel Sherrin Award for International Achievement in Music. The other finalists are David Buchbinder and Vineet Vyas and I am very proud […]


More Stravinsky

From “An Autobiography” by Igor Stravinsky (1936) The book wasn’t THAT well written but I did find some gems. (PR) “It is very doubtful whether Rimsky-Korsakov [his teacher} would ever have accepted Le Sacre, or even Petroushka. Is it any wonder, then, that the hypercritics of today should be dumfounded by a language in which all […]


Stravinsky Notes (3)

From “An Autobiography” by Igor Stravinsky (1936) “For me, as a creative musician, composition is a daily function that I feel compelled to discharge. I compose because I am made for that and cannot do otherwise. Just as any organ atrophies unless kept in a state of constant activity, so the faculty of composition becomes […]


Stravinsky Notes (1)

From “An Autobiography” by Igor Stravinsky (1936) I have just read this autobiography and I found many interesting comments and anecdotes. Here’s one: “I should like to quote a remark of Rimsky-Korsakov’s that he made later on when I became his pupil. I asked him whether I was right in always composing at the piano. “Some […]


Stravinsky Notes (2)

From “An Autobiography” by Igor Stravinsky (1936) “I can never concentrate on my work if I am where I can be overheard, so that it was impossible for me to settle down with my piano in the boarding house in which I was staying with my family. I therefore chose this isolated place in the […]


Giant Steps by John Coltrane

You know, it happened a long time ago (released in 1960 on Atlantic Records, catalogue SD 1311) but ‘Giant Steps” for all its rave reviews, critical reviews, detractors, supporters, worshippers, for all the tenor saxophonists who have practiced the first take solo to death, for all the reviews…..it is a momentus, gigantic recording that has […]