Paintings, Sketches and Drawings

I would never describe myself, at least with a straight face, as a painter or graphic artist, but I love to experiment and thought I might share some results. I have always sketched a bit, but I started to paint in 2008 – mainly acrylics on canvas. I guess I come by this interest and inclination to draw and paint, though. My bio-mom, Marian Mustard was a graphic artist and painter and many family members have inherited her love of art and her talents. Bio-mom, Marian was schooled at the Ontario College of Art and many many years later, my daughter, Kelly Read-Lyon graduated from that same school (now called Ontario College of Art and Design). I’m still getting to know my bio-family, but at least 2 nieces, Alysa Kim and Megan Luckie are artists as well. They say that some talents jump on generation and the drawing/designing/painting gene leapt over me straight to Kelly!

So, I like to draw and always have but have zero training and marginal skills. So its a hobby for me. But in the spirit of the rest of this site, I am sharing some of my work. Hope you enjoy these efforts.