Painting by Paul Read, 2008

Today (June 3, 2012) we celebrate the 89th birthday of one of Canada’s great musical treasures: clarinetist, composer, band leader and music educator, Phil R. Nimmons. It has been my good fortune to have had a close relationship with Phil for many many years and , despite our familiarity, I am in awe of what he has accomplished and continues to accomplish as an active, creative performing musician. Along with 37 year old David Braid, a former student of ours (University of Toronto Jazz Program) he performs completely improvised full concerts! Not one idea, thought or preconceived notion happen before they play. Their soon to be released CD Suite St. John’s – Falling Through is eloquent, puzzling, dazzling, moving and intensely interesting from the first note to the last. Watch for the release of this gem in the near future.

Here is a painting I did of Phil in 2008. Happy Birthday, Phil!!